You may be unable to send a fax that you saved as a draft in Windows Fax and Scan if the fax does not have a cover page

You may be unable to send a fax that you saved as a draft in Windows Fax and Scan if the fax does not have a cover page

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Last Review : March 15, 2007
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In Windows Vista, you open a saved fax from the Drafts folder in Windows Fax and Scan, and you try to send it. However, the fax may not be submitted to the Outbox, and the fax is never sent and is lost.

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This issue occurs if the following conditions are true:

• You save a fax as a draft.
• This draft does not have a cover page
• Then you send a different fax that includes a cover page.

Note After you send the fax with a cover page, that cover page becomes the default cover page in Windows Fax and Scan.

• You open the draft that you saved, and you then click Send.

This issue occurs because the default cover page is automatically selected when you reopen the draft to send it. Cover page notes are saved together with the draft’s cover page. For a fax that has its cover page set to (None), cover page notes for that fax do not exist. Therefore, the fax is not sent successfully.

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To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1. Right-click the draft that you saved with the cover page set to (None), and then click View.

Note If you have sent any other faxes with cover pages, the cover page for your draft will now be set to the default cover page.

2. Select a cover page other than the default or (None).
3. On the File menu, click Save.
4. On the File menu, click Close.
5. Right-click the draft, and then click View.
6. Change the cover page to (None).
7. Click Send.

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• Windows Vista Business
• Windows Vista Enterprise
• Windows Vista Ultimate
• Windows Vista Business 64-bit edition
• Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit edition
• Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition

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