You cannot send a section or the whole notebook to an e-mail recipient in OneNote 2007

When you try to send a page from a notebook in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 to an e-mail recipient, only the current page can be sent. You cannot send a section or the whole notebook to an e-mail recipient.


To work around this issue, save the notebook as a package. Then, send the package to the e-mail recipient.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Right-click the page, the section, or the notebook that you want to send, and then click Save As.
2. In the Save As dialog box, follow these steps:

a. In the File name text box, type the file name of the OneNote 2007 page, section, or notebook that you want to send.
b. In the Save as type list, click OneNote Single File Package (*.onepkg).
c. Under Page Range, click to select one of the following depending on the type of package that you want to send:

Selected Page(s)
Current Section
Current Notebook
d. Click Save.

As soon as the OneNote 2007 package has been saved, you can use your e-mail program to send the package as an attachment to an e-mail recipient.


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