Yahoo Messenger and Winamp5 Easter Eggs

Yahoo Messenger

Hidden Smilies

Green alien: =:)
Rose: @};-
Skull: 8-X
Man: <):)
Smily -throw up: :-&
Smily -shhhhh: :-$
Pig: :@)
Monkey: :(|)
Smily -pouting: [-(
Light bulb: *-:)
American flag: **==

Winamp 5.x

Headbanging Lamas

1. Just increase the Main Window till you can see the Beat-Visualisation (the left one).
2. Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift and click on the middle point of the beat-vis.
3. If you were successful, you can see two lamas standing in front of each other. Now if you play a song, and the
beat-vis is activated, the Lamas begin head banging.

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