WinSCP install

WinSCP is a secure FTP client

1. Search for WinSCP at google to find the WinSCP home page:

2. Click on the “Downloads” button at the left.

3. Click on the installer for the newest stable version of WinSCP (avoid beta versions)
(Select open or save.) You may get warnings about dangers of running .exe files.
The name of the file will be similar to: winscp361setup.exe

NOTE: If the computer you are on will not let you install the software, you can run WinSCP without needing to install it as follows! Back at the download page in your web-browser, double-click the “application” (instead of the “installation package”). Then select “open” (instead of “save”). Once you have selected open, your browser will (silently and invisibly) download the application to a temporary directory and then run it. You should see the startup-screen for winscp (just the same as if you installed the software and then ran it.
If using mozilla or netscape, you may need to choose what program to use to open it:

  • For windows XP use C:\windows\explorer.exe

In any case, run WinSCP*.exe and at the Winscp login screen, type Host name YourServerName
User name: (FTP username)
Password: (FTP user password)

Enter , and you will see all the files , even the hidden ones ( .htaccess , etc )

For the curious: your browser typically is running winscp from a temp folder such as: C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/xxx/Local%20Settings/Temp/winscp361.exe


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