What is a trusted device?

Before you add a Bluetooth enabled device to your computer, make sure it’s a trusted device. A trusted device is:

  • A personal or private device—that is, a device that you own and control. For example, a mobile phone or a personal digital assistant (PDA) that only you use.
  • A device that is owned and controlled by the company you work for. For example, a shared device at work, such as a printer, is usually trustworthy.

An untrusted device is:

  • A device that is available for public use in locations such as libraries and airports (for example, a publicly available printer in a library). For security reasons, always assume that a public device is not trustworthy.

If you add a device located in a public place, a hacker could use the device to gain access to your computer and your files. For example, if you’re in an airport and you use a public printer available through a service provider, a hacker could configure his computer to mimic the public printer. Then, when you think you are adding the printer, you are actually adding (connecting to) the hacker’s computer. The hacker would then have control over your computer.

To help protect your computer, we recommend that you do not add a public device that you do not trust. However, if you do decide to add a public device, on the Services tab in Bluetooth Devices, select only the minimum services necessary to use the device. For example, if you decide to add a public printer, select only Printing (HCRP).

NoteA device in a different physical location from your computer (for example, a shared printer in another room) is not necessarily untrustworthy (for example, you can usually trust a shared printer at work, even if it is in another room), but it’s best to be cautious.


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