This will tell you how to rearrange, hide, add, and remove toolbars in
Firefox. For those who are unfamiliar with the terminology, a toolbar
is the (usually gray) box above the area that the web site is displayed.

*   Menu Bar: This is the toolbar that contains
the browser menus (File, Edit, Help, etc.).

*   Navigation Bar: This is the toolbar that contains the
Location Bar and the buttons used to navigate web sites.

*   Bookmarks Toolbar: This is the toolbar that contains
your Bookmarks Toolbar Folder bookmarks.

There are two basic methods of customizing the toolbars in

    *   Rearranging Toolbar Items

*   Hiding, Adding, and Removing

Rearranging Toolbar Items

To rearrange the items (icons, buttons, text boxes, etc.) on your toolbar,
right-clickpress Ctrl and
click on any part of the toolbar that is not a text box and select
Customize…. This will bring up the toolbar
customization dialog.

Drag and drop any items you want to and from the toolbars (excluding the menu items). You can also rearrange icons
already on the toolbars by dragging and dropping them wherever you wish. When
the toolbars and items are arranged the way you want them, click

Special Toolbar Items

There are a few special items that are available to you when customizing the
toolbar. They are as follows:

*   Separators: These allow you to separate items on the
toolbars with a small vertical line.

*   Spacers: These allow you to separate items on the
toolbars with a fixed-size space, usually around 20 pixels on most

*   Flexible spacers: Spacers allow you to separate items
on the toolbars with a space.  These spacers automatically resize to fill
all of the empty space on the toolbar.  These are good for positioning
items on the right of a toolbar.

Hiding, Adding, and Removing Toolbars

You can hide the Navigation Toolbar and the Bookmarks Toolbar if you do not
wish to keep them on your screen. You cannot hide the Menu
Bar because you cannot move the menu items (File, Edit, Help, etc.) to a
different toolbar, and they must stay on the screen at all times.

To show or hide a toolbar, select View > Toolbars
and click the name of the toolbar you want to show or hide.

To add a custom toolbar, select View > Toolbars
> Customize
. Click on Add New Toolbar (in the bottom of the
dialog). This will give you a dialog to enter a name. If you enter a name and
click OK, your new toolbar appears. Now you can drag and drop items
to it. To remove a custom toolbar, drag and drop all the items from it, and
click Done. You can also hide a custom toolbar as described in the previous

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