The synchronization status icon indicates a synchronization error when you check out a section from a OneNote 2007 notebook

You check out a section from a Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 notebook in a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services document library. When OneNote 2007 tries to synchronize the notebook, the synchronization status icon indicates that there was a synchronization error in the notebook.


This problem occurs when two or more users check out the same section of a notebook from a Windows SharePoint Services document library. The first user to check out the section can make and save changes. However, other users who check out that section cannot save changes that they make.


To work around this problem, configure the Windows SharePoint Services document library so that the document library does not require that users check out OneNote 2007 notebooks. OneNote 2007 is designed to perform the following functions:

Handle shared notebooks
Lock access to a notebook that was opened by a user
Automatically merge changes that are made

To disable the Require Check Out setting in the Windows SharePoint Services document library, follow these steps:

1. Open the document library that you are using for OneNote 2007 notebooks.
2. Click Settings, and then click Document Library Settings.
3. Click Versioning Settings.
4. Click No under Require Check Out, and then click OK.


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