Text baseline shifts when you change the Zoom percentage in Publisher 2007 and in Publisher 2003

When you change Zoom percentages in Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 and in Microsoft Office Publisher 2003, text may appear to shift slightly. For example, text baselines may appear to move up or down when you switch between a 200% (or lower) Zoom percentage and a 400% (or higher) Zoom percentage.


This problem occurs because of problems in the hinting of a TrueType font. This problem does not affect all TrueType fonts, nor does it affect Adobe Type 1 PostScript fonts.


If your publication requires extremely precise text alignment, use one of the following methods.

Method 1

Verify the position of your text by viewing the publication at a 400% (or higher) Zoom percentage. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Select the text that you want to verify.
2. On the View menu, point to Zoom, and then click 800%.

Note The position of the text on the screen indicates how the text appears when the publication is printed on a high-resolution printer.

Method 2

Use Adobe Type 1 PostScript fonts. This problem does not occur with Adobe Type 1 fonts. Microsoft Windows does not include any Adobe Type 1 fonts, but they are included with many third-party programs and font packages.

Type 1 fonts appear on the Font list with a printer icon next to them in Publisher 2007 and in Publisher 2003.


Most scalable font technologies include a feature that is named hinting. Scalable fonts have vector-based outlines that must be converted into pixels when the fonts are printed or are displayed on a screen. Hinting controls how the text characters (glyphs) are converted from vector to raster at different point sizes. For example, the difference between thick and thin strokes becomes less when a font is viewed at a small point size. If there are inconsistencies in a font’s hinting, that font may appear to shift (or otherwise change appearance) as you change point sizes, or as you zoom in and out.
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