Supported installation methods for the 2007 Office suites


This article discusses the supported installation methods for 2007 Microsoft Office suites.


To install a 2007 Office suite on a workstation, use one of the following supported methods:

  Run Setup from a 2007 Office CD.
  Run Setup from a server where a network image or a compressed CD image of the 2007 Office programs is stored. This image includes tools that large organizations may use to run the Microsoft Office Setup program such as Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS).
  Use Group Policy to assign or to publish a 2007 Office suite on computers that have Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista installed.Note You can install a 2007 Office suite on a dual-boot computer.

The following installation methods are supported only if you are using the Microsoft Professional Support offering and if the deployment is part of an Office Deployment Advisory Service (ODAS) case.

  Create and distribute a custom CD that is based on the 2007 Office CD.
  Create a system image (copy), and then replicate the image on the users’ computers.

To create a system image that includes the 2007 Office programs, and to replicate that image on the target computers, follow these steps:

1. Perform a clean installation of the operating system. To install a 2007 Office suite, the computer must be running one of the following operating systems:

  Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later versions of Windows XP
  Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later versions of Windows Server 2003
  Microsoft Windows Vista or later versions of Windows
2. Perform a clean installation of the 2007 Office suite with the features and preferences that you want.
3. Create a system image of the computer. This image can be a partition image or a full hard disk image.
4. Then, replicate the system image on the target computers.

Note You must create the image on a computer where the hardware resembles the target computers. Also, the computer must be running the same operating system that is running on the target computers.

Microsoft cannot fully support image installations that are created by using a third-party utility because Microsoft cannot guarantee that a third-party product will successfully install a 2007 Office suite. We cannot guarantee that a third-party product will accurately install all the necessary files to the correct locations or that the third-party product will create all the required registry entries.

Product Support Engineers can provide only commercially reasonable effort support on the actual image file that is used to install a 2007 Office suite. Product Support Engineers will continue to support the 2007 Office applications, and the deployment of those applications that are listed under supported methods. However, support for the actual image will be limited to commercially reasonable effort only. Commercially reasonable effort support for the image file includes troubleshooting and reverse engineering troubleshooting.

Note The method of reverse engineering troubleshoots installation by removing non-Microsoft components or by removing individual Microsoft components.

Troubleshooting an installation of Office

If you have problems running the 2007 Office Setup program, contact Microsoft Product Support Services. If you have problems installing 2007 Microsoft Office suites by using a Microsoft utility other than the Setup program, contact the correct Microsoft product support group. If you are using a third-party utility, contact the manufacturer of that product.

Use the following methods to troubleshoot problems that you have when you install a 2007 Office suite:

  Determine whether the problem occurs only on one computer.To do this, reinstall Office on the problem computer by using the method that you used to install the current installation of Office. If the problem is not corrected, run Setup.
  Determine whether the problem occurs on multiple computers or for multiple users.To do this, run Setup on another computer, or log on to the computer as a user, and then run Setup. If the problem is corrected, the previous method of installing Office was not successful. If you used a third-party utility, contact the manufacturer of that utility.

  Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007
  Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007
  Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007
  Microsoft Office Professional 2007


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