Mac OS X – Terminal Games

Mac OS X – Snake Game in Terminal

Open Terminal within Applications >> Utilities.


Type in emacs , then press enter.


Within emacs hold down ESC and press X.


If the cursor is on the bottom of the terminal, type snake.



Mac OS X – Tetris Hidden in the Terminal

1. Open the finder

2. Open Applications

3. Open Utilities

4. Open Terminal

5. type “emacs”; click enter

6. Press ESC + X at the same time

7. Type “tetris”

8. Play Tetris! Use the arrow keys to move and rotate the blocks, and press the space to make the blocks fall.


This isn’t really a part of the Mac OS, it’s a part of emacs which is part of the UNIX system.


There are many more games included as well. To know what other games are included, do the following:

Open the terminal again, at the prompt type:

“ls /usr/share/emacs/21.2/lisp/play”


Don’t forget the space!

You’ll get a directory of the games included with emacs, to play these games do the same thing as with tetris



Mac OS X – Other Terminal Games

go to the folder application. Open the ultilities folder. open the Terminal


copy and paste this line of code:


ls /usr/share/emacs/21.2/lisp/play


to play the games, type in ” emacs ” (without the quotes)

press esc and x at the same time

type in the name of the game

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