How can I keep my computer protected while I’m playing online games?

Just like any other time you spend online, it’s important to make sure your computer is protected when playing games. Playing games online increases the amount of time you spend interacting with other people’s computers and, consequently, the risk to your computer increases.

Is online gaming riskier than other online activities?


No. However, a computer that is connected to the Internet is exposed to higher risk than a disconnected computer, so you should take precautions to help protect your computer.

What precautions should I take before I play online games?


You should take the same precautions that you’d take for connecting to the Internet.

Consider using software that automatically gets rid of spyware, along with viruses and other malicious software.
Don’t click unknown e‑mail attachments.
Install only software you are sure you can trust.
When you update your copy of Windows, install the recommended updates as well as the important updates whenever you can.

If you take all these precautions, you will help keep your computer safer while gaming online.


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