Deleted 3-D effects from my shape but they keep reappearing

When you add three-dimensional (3-D) effects to a placeholder (placeholders: Boxes with dotted or hatch-marked borders that are part of most slide layouts. These boxes hold title and body text or objects such as charts, tables, and pictures.) on a slide master (slide master: The slide that stores information about the design template applied, including font styles, placeholder sizes and positions, background design, and color schemes.) and then delete all of the 3-D effects from the placeholder in Normal view, the 3-D effects return to the placeholder.


Do either of the following:

  • Delete only some of the 3-D effects from the placeholder, or remove all of the 3-D effects from the placeholder in Slide Master view, to make the placeholder two-dimensional (2-D).
  • In the Format Shape dialog box, click the 3-D Rotation pane, and then under Text, select the Keep text flat check box.

To show the Format Shape dialog box, right-click the shape or object (object: A table, chart, graphic, equation, or other form of information. Objects created in one application, for example spreadsheets, and linked or embedded in another application are OLE objects.), and then click Format Shape on the shortcut menu (shortcut menu: A menu that shows a list of commands relevant to a particular item. To display a shortcut menu, right-click an item or press SHIFT+F10.).


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