CECT T689 hidden trick

CECT T689 hidden trick

Type :    *#3646633#

You will get to a hidden factory screen where you can edit some phone parameters. For the people that had troubles with the sound (too low) this is the only solution

It worked for me , and i share it with you .

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4 Responses to “CECT T689 hidden trick”

  1. That would be great…
    please, just help me what should I do with that “hidden menu”?!
    I also have a problem with too low sound, but whatever I do in this hidden menu – nothing happends regarding the sound, there is no change at all

  2. Indeed these phones have serious problems when it comes to sound . I have tested the hidden menu also , and increased the sound level .
    It does not help .. this is all this phone can do in terms of sound ..

  3. What should i exactly do to get to the hidden screen? Coz i have sound problems to :/ . 10x

  4. just type *#3646633#
    go to phone settings and there should be a sound area
    Increase the number (just a bit – not too much or you will burn the speaker)
    I whould tell you the exact steps , but i don’t have the phone next to me right now

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